• Test of Raw Material and other inputs.
  • In process quality control and checks.
  • Finished products quality control & testing.

Most of the tests are carried out in a High Tech in-house Laboratory which is equipped with state of the Art Testing equipments and is being supervised & handled by highly qualified technicians.

We have maintaining fully furnished packing room with air test facilities. Sterilization process is doing by outside agency.

The company is on an expansion schedule, aiming to increase production and become one of South – India’s market leaders with in a span of three to four years. The company is planning to install gloves number punching Machines, to improve the infrastructure within the plant and also plan to start export at the earliest

Alleppey Latex Pvt. Ltd has already awarded ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012 and CE1023 Certificates

The company has a well-equipped laboratory with complete testing facilities to test all the parameters of latex specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

The parameters tested for are

  • Dry rubber content
  • Total solid content
  • VFA number
  • Mechanical Stability
  • Alkalinity
  • KOH number
  • Sludge content
  • Coagulum content
  • Copper content
  • Manure content
  • Viscosity & Magnesium content


We at, Alleppey Latex Pvt. Ltd are dedicated to provide quality products to the end users and enhance customer satisfaction through a quality management system, which registers continual improvement by setting and reviewing quality objectives.